Trade Winds Auto Service - Trade winds, Sun Valley, CA: Thief, Scam

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Thief, scam, rip off, *** artist, liar, cheat.Do not take your car to trade winds in sun valley california.

You will be sorry. My mother in law took her car here for about five years and didn't know she was getting ripped off. The owner is bob F. He charged her for needless repairs over the years.

Every two months she would pay about $1,200 for a so-called problem with her 2001 Honda. I know this because I found the old receipts (after her death) along with notes saying that trade winds told her to bring her car in every other month.

She was a 72 year old widow who was clearly taken advantage of.Please be aware they are crooks

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Bridgetown, Ohio, United States #33195

This is the most dishonest auto repair business. Check around and you'll find out about their scams. They steal from senior citizens in the valley.

Bridgetown, Ohio, United States #32512

Trade Winds Auto Repair in Sun Valley need to be shut down.Owner needs to be put in jail.

Do your research.Don't go here!

Trade Winds Auto Service - Trade Winds in Sun Valley is an unethical business

Seattle, Washington 2 comments

Trade Winds in Sun Valley, CA conducts unethical and illegal business practices.They lie, cheat and steal from consumers.

Owner makes up lies about your car and charges for problems that don't exist. The owner Bob said I needed new tires and would give me a 'deal' to replace -- these tires were new, I bought three months earlier; I took back to tire company and they fine. He gave old parts that didn't belong to me and said was replaced and charged me. He held car and threatened me until I paid.

They prey on the Japanese American community and take advantage of the older generation. Consumer beware!

This is a crook and should be in jail!

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Bridgetown, Ohio, United States #33226

agree -- they are completely unethical *** bags

Bridgetown, Ohio, United States #32513

They also bully and threaten elderly people and make them pay for repairs they didn't do.

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